Bow Rosin
I'm selling a different rosin now.  I think it is a much better alternative to the Sherman rosin.
Wire Cutter
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T-Style Tuning Wrench
If you look on the left side of the handle, there is a hole drilled into that end.  This is something brand new.  If you have a Snark tuner, you can pop the tuner and arm out of the clip that it comes with.  The hole is the proper size to accept the ball end of on the end of the little arm.  All the tuning wrenches I sell now, come with that special feature.  The T-wrench I supply with each psaltery I sell also comes with this.  Look at the pictures below to see how this works. 
Ringing Strings Bowed Psalteries  

handcrafted by Rick Long
Clinton, Tennessee
(865) 660-4026

The instructional DVD, "How to Care for and Play the Bowed Psaltery with Rick Long"  is  available. 

If you bought a bowed psaltery and didn't receive much information as to caring for and how to properly play it, you will find the info on this DVD of great help.

Here's some of the things you can learn -

  • Tuning Your Psaltery
  • Replacing  Broken String
  • Rosining Your Bow
  • Bowing Technique
  • Adding Expression to Your Playing
  • Things You Should Practice
  • Getting the Best Sound
  • Sources of Music
  • Tripod Mounting
  • Double Bowing

If you are buying a bowed psaltery from me this
DVD is included with your purchase.

The price is $25.00 and does include free first class postage for a limited time.

Easiest way to purchase is send me an email to request a Paypal invoice for you to pay through.  If you would prefer you can call me with your credit card number.  If you would rather send a check or M.O. send an email and I'll send you my mailing address. 

To Order -

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Euro style bumper or window sticker.  Show the world that you are a proud bowed psaltery player or Ringing Strings fan.  You can put these wherever you want.  They are vinyl, so waterproof, but they should be applied to a hard surface.  4 1/2" x 3" in size and they are oval.  Black with white lettering.  They are $4 each or two for seven, in any combination.  Interested in a larger quantity, let me know how many for an extra discount.  Postage is included.
This is the tuner separated from the clip.  It just pops out, but is very tight.  There is a small slot to use a little screwdriver to help in popping it loose.
Fits right in the hole in the wrench.  The ball end still allows for the arm to swivel at the wrench. Don't twist it as you would screwing in a screw, just press it in while wiggling it slightly.  Insert until the ball is below the edge of the hole.  Doesn't need to go any deeper.
Just tune normally.  When you place the wrench on the pin, the vibration from the string will read on the tuner.  Being on the end keeps it out of the way of your hand. Just swing it around so you can see it and tune.
I now also sell the Snark SN-8 tuner, like you see used on the tuning wrench above.  The tuner already comes with one battery.  I include five more replacements.  It is a good idea to keep spares in your case and replenish them as needed.  These batteries usually cost around $3 each at a department store.  I sell them for $1.50 each, when not buying a tuner.

$20 for the tuner and the five extra batteries

You can purchase more batteries for $1.50 each
Here's an exciting new item you won't see anywhere else.  Liquid bow rosin, an item I manufacture right here at the Ringing Strings Shop.  This idea came to me from a discussion about cleaning the hair on your psaltery bow.

The rosin itself is suspended in a liquid solution that evaporates quickly.  When applied to your bow hair, you should allow enough time for that to happen.  If you rush it, you won't get any sound.  When it is wet, there is not anything to cause the friction needed to vibrate the string.  When fully dry it provides just the right amount of grab to fully vibrate those psaltery strings.

This will not harm your bow hair.  When it is fully dry there will be a coating of rosin on all surfaces of each strand of your bow hair, even in between.  The coating is sticky, as rosin should be, but it generates no dust.  The sound board and hitch pins won't build up the coating of white dust, as it does with regular block rosin. 
The other big plus is, you won't ever need to apply it as often as block rosin.  It is very long lasting. 

If for some reason it fails to work properly, maybe in a high humidity situation where you are playing outside, all you have to do is rosin your bow on a block of rosin.  You can retreat the bow when back home. Please do not store this product in you instrument case.  It should stay at home, sitting upright.  After all, it is a liquid in a plastic bottle, so it very well could leak, or maybe you didn't have the lid tight enough.  Just not worth the chance.  You don't want to ruin your case or cause damage to your psaltery.

If you ever feel like you have to much of a build up of the liquid rosin, though I haven't experienced that, it is a simple matter to clean your bow hair and start over.  A sample of what is needed to clean it is included in the kit.  It's an item you can find at any drugstore, you may already have some in your home.

This is a four ounce bottle, and it only take a small amount for each time you treat the hair, so it will last a long time.  Full instructions are included, along with all the do's and don'ts.  I also include the supples needed to get you started, all in one kit.

The liquid rosin can only be shipped by USPS surface mail, no air shipments.  New USPS rules prohibit international shipments.

The price is $14 and includes the shipping costs.  Average shipping costs for the US is $6, so that is built into the price.  Buy it from me locally, it is $8.  Only a limited quantity available for now.  If the sales go well, I'll be making more. 

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I prefer Paypal, and can send an invoice to you by email.  If you would rather pay by check, money order, or credit card, just let me know.

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