Ringing Strings Bowed Psalteries  

handcrafted by Rick Long
Clinton, Tennessee
(865) 660-4026   psalteryman@gmail.com
This is a  two and one half octave tenor bowed psaltery.

The range of notes start at "G" below middle "C" or G3 and go up to "C" two octave above middle "C" or C6

The 30 strings are all phosphor bronze wound acoustic guitar strings.  This psaltery packs a lot of punch in volume and great tone for its size. 

It is 21 1/2" long, 7" wide, and 1 1/2" thick.

The tripod attachment is an option you can add that will give you a way to hold the psaltery to play using two bows, one in each hand.  It opens up a whole new chapter in the playing of a bowed psaltery.

Here's a tune I played just utilizing the two bow method.  One bow in each hand.

You can add this option for $50 and that includes a second bow, a pretty good deal as my tenor bows sell for $25 each.  This price is only if you are buying one of my tenor psalteries.

The camera tripod is not included.

The price is $75 for just the tripod attachment if you didn't purchase your psaltery from me.

The ball head tripod pictured is the one I recommend for a tenor sized psaltery.  Very lightweight, but very sturdy and hardly any shaking while bowing.  The important thing is that it has an all metal head, even the quick release plate is metal.  Any plastic in these areas will allow the psaltery to shake slightly while bowing, very annoying.  This tripod won't support one of my baritone psalteries.


This picture shows what is included with the tenor psaltery.
New for 2017 is a newly designed case.

Scroll on down the page to see the tenor psalteries that I have available.  There are pictures, descriptions of the wood, and sound clips of each one being played.  The information for the tripod holder attachments I build for double bowing is shown at the bottom of this page, just under the instrument listings.

The listings of the tenor bowed psalteries that are available for sale are on down the page.

Scroll down to see pictures of the front, back, and side.  There are also sound clips of them being played, so you can hear exactly what they sound like.

Scroll on down for info on the tripod holder attachment I build to allow for playing the tenor psaltery using two bows, or double bowing.
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Ringing Strings Tenor Psaltery                            Range of Notes G3 - C6
Here's a few tunes recorded at a jam session at Cumberland Crafts on 7-27-2008.  I was playing my quilted maple and walnut tenor bowed psaltery during the jam.  Terry Lewis is playing the appalachian Dulcimer.

Simple Gifts             Shall We Gather at the River

Morning Has Broken                                    I Surrender All

Be Thou My Vision                                   Amazing Grace

                Southwind                       Trust and Obey

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Top - Quilted Maple
Back - Walnut

Item number - TEQMWA38

Price - $690 SOLD

The soundboard is a piece of highly figured quilted maple that is native to the Northwest.  What I am currently using is from a supplier in Washington State.

The back and bridge is Tennessee black walnut.

You can add the adjustable tripod holder attachment and an extra bow for $50.  This price is only available when you purchase your psaltery from me.  Pictures of the holder are at the bottom of this page, just scroll down.

Camera tripod not included.

2-7-18  10pm  This Tenor has sold.

2-7-18  New Tenor psaltery being added today.  Another quilted maple/walnut.