Ringing Strings Bowed Psalteries  

handcrafted by Rick Long
Clinton, Tennessee
(865) 660-4026

12-21-17  I just completed and shipped two new baritone psalteries.  One was a barityone I intended to place on the website, but sold befpore I copuld post it here.  The other was a special order for a customer.  I don't currently have any new orders for baritone instruments. so yours could be next.

There are 37 wound strings on each one of these baritone psalteries.  The lowest note is C below middle C and the psaltery has three full octaves.  They are 30" long, 9" wide, and just over 3" thick not including the pins and strings.  Everything you need is included except a tripod and tuner.  I will give you a recommendation of a great tripod to use with these baritones.  It can't just be any old camera tripod, it will take a heavy duty model with an all metal head.  I recommend an electronic tuner to use while tuning.  They are inexpensive and really make tuning easy.

There is an attached back plate that allow for mounting the psaltery on a tripod without losing any vibration of the back of the psaltery.  The back plate is fastened only around the outside edges.  They included piezo internal pickup is standard and gives you the option to amplify this psaltery.  I show you how all this works on the DVD.  I'll be posting a video soon to demonstrate this and the sound you can get.

The included two hour DVD is dedicated to this psaltery only.  It covers everything you will need to know and learn about this psaltery.  The tripod mount and two bows get you set up to double bow.  This is a great way to play the bowed psaltery, really opens up the possibilities of what can be done on a bowed psaltery.  It takes it to the next level.

More videos showing the baritone psaltery on the How to Play page.
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The red line shows the note range of the baritone psalteries I build.  C3 through C6.  There is some confusion for some folks when comparing instruments from different builders.   Besides listening to the first sound clip for each psaltery I list, where you can hear the entire range of the psaltery, you can now see that range in how it compares to a piano keyboard.  Look for this same graphic on the home page of this site.  It shows every psaltery I build, compared to the piano keyboard.
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