Ringing Strings Bowed Psalteries  

handcrafted by Rick Long
Clinton, Tennessee
(865) 660-4026

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5-1-18  SOLD  I have a friend's baritone psaltery here at my place.  They have decided to sell it, so I do currently have a used one for sale.  I'll get a few pictures together and post them on here.  The Price is $975 SOLD and has been played very little.  If you are interested in hearing more about it send me an email.

Pictures are below.  The wood is curly ambrosia maple and walnut. 
Case and two bows included.  I built this in 2011.  It is in beautiful

3-31-18  I have made a decision to stop building the baritone psalteries.  I will only be building the Tenor, Alto, and D Tenor psalteries in the future.

There will be some new things coming from the Ringing Strings shop sometime soon.  Being a one person shop, it is difficult to keep up with demand and production at times, especially when offering so many different models.

Sorry that the pics are sideways.  For some reason they distort when I try to rotate them.  I'll just leave them like they are, you can still see detail.